Jul 16, 2012

0 SSH on Server 2008

SSH server options :

1. Sysax Multi-Server                   5. SSH Tectia
2. Kpym SSH Server                    6. OpenSSH
3. copSSH                                     7. vShell
4. Free SSHd                                8. WinSSHd

Limitations :

1.As I know, there’s no option to allow an user to have access only to some specific folder, and it’s subfolders (maybe there’s some updates at the moment).
Otherwise OpenSSH on Linux has this option. More information about this option : SFTP Jails

So, when you have chosen your SSH server, you must create user, set up a port for your SSH server.
Then open port in firewall’s inbound/outbound rules.
If your server is reachable only from local network, then you must create forwarding rule in your router.
Outside IP address->Inside IP address.


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