Jul 24, 2012

0 Xerox WorkCentre 7345 error 016-322

Xerox error : 016-322

1.When after activating Network Account option you restart your Xerox ,
you got error screen : 016-322.
In Xerox error list info says : 016-322 JBA Account Full RAP
And I was like, what the f... , because that doesn't explain anything.
Power off/power on with waiting for 10sec doesn't help. (This solution is from Xerox support) :)
If this ain't working then - Field Service is required if the problem persists. Yeah right...

2. Power off Xerox, then power it on.
When you see :

1. Hold 0 for 5 seconds
2. Press Start at the same time – should enter engineer mode
3. Password = 6789
    Here you will see pink error display.
    To get around that :

4. Reset admin password.
        To exit engineer mode , hold 0 + Start for 5 seconds.

Choose option Delete all data.
It'll take ~1min , then you will be asked to restart.

After restart, Xerox will be booting up a lot longer.

When it's on - you use default password : 11111


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