Dec 5, 2012

0 Cannot remove additional mailbox in Outlook.

When you have added  an additional mailbox for yourself or for another user, there is a problem with removal.
After removal you still can see a "GHOST" mailbox, which is non-removable.
Here are steps to complete this task :

1. Open ADSI Edit. Expand your Domain, then go to Users and expand users list to.

2. Locate username/account to whom you need to make changes.
Then click Properties.

3.Scroll down to find "MSExchDelegateListLink". Click EDIT.
In edit mode you will see these additional "GHOST" mailboxes.
Mark them and click Remove. Click OK.

4.Close and Re-open Outlook. In a few minutes "Ghost" mailboxes will be gone.

5. They are still visible in File->Account Settings-> Change->More Settings-> Advanced
So mark them and click Remove and OK.


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