Nov 25, 2014

0 Gargoyle keepalive on lost connection.

Gargoyle 1.6.1 on TL-WR741N router.
I'm using ITX ATOM box as a server (on top shelf in a passageway), which runs Esxi as virtualization platform. 
As you may know, setting up a wireless card on Esxi is a pain in a**, so I'm using a wireless bridge.

Recently I noticed strange thing. My wireless bridge started randomly crash on high load. It could run for a few days no problem, and then *snap* and it's dead.
Usually it happened, when I needed this connection the most (SSH, proxy, media library, DLNA, e.t.c).
So I needed a way to reboot router, when connection is down.

There's a two ways of doing this :

1. Script [Example]
2. Plugin

I choose Plugin :)
Login in your Gargoyle router's web interface.
Navigate to System -> Plugins
Scroll down till you see a plugin : Ping Watchdog
Click on Install button.
After install is done, navigate to : Connection -> Ping Watchdog
Enable it.
And set your configuration.

Example of my config : 


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