Sep 10, 2015

0 List unique visitors from IIS LOG files with Log Parser

Log Parser is a Microsoft developed tool , that can be used to read and generate reports based
on your IIS log files.

This command creates tmp.txt output from log files. It contains IP address with number of hits.

Logparser.exe "SELECT DISTINCT date, c-ip INTO tmp.txt 
FROM 'c:\inetpub\logs\LogFiles\W3SVC1\*'" -i:W3C -o:W3C

Now must count unique visitors from previously created tmp by combining unique IP
addresses and summing hits by days. Output is saved in file Unique.txt

Logparser.exe "SELECT date, count(c-ip) AS UniqueVisitors INTO Unique.txt 
FROM tmp.txt GROUP BY date ORDER BY date DESC" -i:W3C -o:W3C

Import Unique.txt in Excel.

Now you can use Excel formulas to analyze data, make charts e.t.c
For basic SUM, select all row.


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