Feb 28, 2013

18 Windows 7 network tray icon showing wrong status

Network status icon has red cross

This can be found as :

Network shows no internet access red cross
Internet access icon red cross
W7 Network Icon shows a red cross
Network status icon has red cross
Network icon showing disabled red cross sign
Windows 7 red cross to show not connected but connected
Network OK but no Internet connection

Screenshot :

Solution :
1. Open the run command by pressing and holding the Windows key , then press the R key ("Run")
2. Type devmgmt.msc 

3. You'll must see a window similar to the following:

4. Network adapters: double-click this entry in the list
    Right-click network adapter you need , click  Uninstall.

5. Leave UNCHECKED the box marked “Delete the driver software for this device”

6. After uninstalling, the Device Manager list auto refreshes
If not, then : 
In the blue area near the top of the screen, click Actions, then Scan for hardware changes
That should reinstall the network adapter, and the device driver software for it. 
In most cases you will need to restart.

! If you use VPN connection, like Cisco VPN client, then you will need to remove VPN client's installation and after restart re-install it.


  1. Thank you. Problem solved

  2. Well done! Just to add that this worked on a Parallels Virtual Machine running Win7 on a Mac with OS X El Capitan.

  3. Outstanding, fixed my issue when others couldn't.

  4. Thank you so much! Was struggling with this for days!

  5. Thanks a lot! Worked for me!

  6. What if there is no checkbox to leave unchecked?

    1. The driver will be deleted and will not be installed automatically.

  7. Nope doesn't work for me still not connected to interet

  8. On mine some days it shows the internet icon and other days it doesn't show anything and I can't go on the wifi, what do I do?

  9. Have you tried solution I posted?

  10. Problem solved! thank you very much

  11. wowww...its working...thanks a lot