Sep 19, 2013

0 Reasons why Phonebloks will fail.

My first impression after watching video about Phonebloks, was :
"Damn, this is AWESOMEEEE!!!".
But then after few seconds, I was like : "Heyyy, this ain't happening"
First bottleneck will be speed drop.Impressive speed drop. In modern phones, like S4 or "beloved" Iphone, very important thing is electronics. I won't dive in to IT and electronics Kamasutra explanation style, I just say - that you can't plug CPU on 4pins and expect SuperDuperMegaQuadCorespeed.
All that "stuff" like CPU, RAM, GSM module, LCD and etc, is soldered on board, so you can get best speeds from your device.
So you just have to solder modules to get best speed.

Lets take a look at CPU with pins, for example :

How the heck you gonna connect that , lets say using 4 or 8 pins?
The same example could be shown for RAM, Camera module and any other part.

Other downside for this LEGO is testing, debugging and drivers.
Big company's like Intel , Samsung, Apple , Texas Instruments and many many others, can solve this by spending many people hours on any module, but...
Will it pay off?
Answer is : "No."
So these are basic reasons, why this won't happen.

Anyway, this rang a bell, and gave me association with :


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