Nov 16, 2013

1 VPS scam at company.

Today I found interesting offer from new company : 
They offered to test a free VPS , with unlimited time. Don't trust them, it's a SCAM.
Proof - 242.signatures on petition : LINK

Specification was low – but, as It was free, so I thought : „Yeyy , free testing!”
I was interested, because all such offers, what I have tried before went bad.
Usually all of them was just a scam, to get your data in database, for further selling to data mining people.
But hey, you gotta try , to say : „It was bad.”
So I did.
Registered account with them, using e-mail, what I usually use for services what I have no trust in.
They needed my phone number, what is ok, to protect yourself from bot attack.
Received SMS with activation code, entered it (triple checking every letter and number).
My request for VPS creation stayed with mark : 

There was available explanation , which stated :

At first I thought , that I messed up entering code, but no - because I triple checked it.
In any normal system, there is an option to enter code again. At-least to enter code 3 times.
This system was different. A system with special needs..
This systems only need is money.
My idea was, If after testing it for few days , all is fine - I pay subscription and use VPS as paying client.
Because nobody want's to buy a cat in a box.(Maybe cat is already DOA)
Further checking made my day.
My only words was : "Greedy ba.....!!"
Because, when  I wanted to change my phone number , system message stated : 

I wanted to contact user support to ask them, what's wrong with my activation and how to pay for created VPS, but it was not possible.
This option is only available to paying cutomers...

I noticed a contact form option , for unregistered users, but . . 

Also , what gave me the most thrill was , that there is no option to delete your account.
This gave me a hint, that I definitely must check forum.
And yes!
Every single user had the same problem with free VPS registration.
Also , addresses from their contacts are belonging to other companies.

Some of gems from forum , for the joy of archiving  : 


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