Feb 8, 2016

0 Scale images and keep metadata with ExifTool & ffmpeg

Manual about scripted image scaling and keeping metadata.
1. Copy ffmpeg.exe in „C:\Windows\System32

2. Download and place ExifTool in ffmpeg directory.

3. Create *.bat script , and copy/paste this code :

@echo off
if "%~1" == "" goto done
ffmpeg -i "%~1" -y -vf scale=iw*.6:ih*.6 "%~1.jpg"
C:\ffmpeg\bin\exiftool -TagsFromFile "%~1" "%~1.jpg%"
del "%~1.jpg_original"
del "%~1"
goto next

4. Now you can drag and drop your jpg on this this icon and ffmpeg will start encoding.
    ! You can Drag&Drop up to ~85 jpg's at once.

5. Please pay attention , that source file will be deleted after encoding.
    To avoid deletion , remove line with "del "%~1""


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