Jun 15, 2014

0 TazPkg cheat sheet for Slitaz Linux

TazPkg is a Linux package manager used by Slitaz
Learn how to  install, list, download, update or remove precompiled packages with this cheat sheet for TazPkg.
Packages : distro.ibiblio.org/slitaz/packages/cooking/

List packages installed on the server.
# tazpkg list # tazpkg list cat|categories
# tazpkg list blocked
The xhtml-list command creates a XHTML list of all the packages installed on the server:
# tazpkg xhtml-list
# tazpkg xhtml-list list-name.html
List packages available on the mirror:
# tazpkg list-mirror
# tazpkg list-mirror --diff
Display any information available for the package:
# tazpkg info busybox
Description of the package (if it exists):
# tazpkg desc busybox
Lists the system configuration files. The –box option displays in table format:
# tazpkg list-config
# tazpkg list-config --box
List all files installed with a package:
# tazpkg list-files bc
Search for packages by owner or package name:
# tazpkg search gcc
The search-file command allows you to search for a file among the files installed by the packages:
$ tazpkg search-file libnss
This command allows the installation of a local package with the .tazpkg extension. You can force the installation via the –forced, uninstall and reinstall options or specify the root system where you want to install the packages via the –root= option:
# tazpkg install package-1.0.tazpkg
# tazpkg install path/to/package-1.0.tazpkg --forced
# tazpkg install path/to/package-1.0.tazpkg --root=/mnt/rootfs
install-list or get-install-list
Install a set of packages listed in a file:
# tazpkg install-list my-packages.list
# tazpkg get-install-list my-packages.list --forced
This command allows the installation of a package from another media device:
# tazpkg link openoffice /media/usbdisk
Remove a package. You will be asked for confirmation (y/N). This command will delete all files installed with the package.
# tazpkg remove bc
Extract a package into a directory:
# tazpkg extract package.tazpkg
# tazpkg extract package.tazpkg target/dir
The pack command will create a package from a directory prepared in advance or from an unpacked package:
# tazpkg pack package-version
The repack command allows you to recreate a package from the files on a system where it was previously installed:
# tazpkg repack package
The repack-config command recreates a package of the system configuration files:
# tazpkg repack-config
Recharge the list of available packages on the mirror:
# tazpkg recharge
up or upgrade
Upgrade allows you to update all installed packages available on the current mirror. Note that this function is aimed at people with SliTaz installed on a hard drive:
# tazpkg up
# tazpkg --help-up
# tazpkg up --recharge --install
# tazpkg up -r -i
The check command can check dependencies on installed packages and determine whether all the files needed for the repacking of packages are present:
# tazpkg check package
block or unblock
The block and unblock commands permit you to block installed package versions so that they are not maintained by an upgrade. The list of packages on hold are contained in the /var/lib/tazpkg/blocked-packages.list:
# tazpkg block grub
# tazpkg unblock grub
Get a package from the mirror (if it exists):
# tazpkg get grub
Get and install a package from a mirror on the internet:
# tazpkg get-install grub
Remove *.tazpkg packages downloaded to the cache:
# tazpkg clean-cache
Setup the URL for the mirror. You can also modify the main /var/lib/tazpkg/mirror file:
# tazpkg setup-mirror
Replays the post-install script from the package:
# tazpkg reconfigure gcc
depends or rdepends
Displays a dependency tree or reverse dependency tree for a package:
# tazpkg depends mpd
# tazpkg rdepends mpd
add-undigest or setup-undigest
Set the URL of an additional unofficial mirror to test packages that are not yet present on the official mirrors. Note, you can also manually edit the file in /var/lib/tazpkg/undigest/repository:
# tazpkg add-undigest public-repository http://my.home.org/slitaz
# tazpkg setup-undigest local-repository /home/slitaz/packages
Removes the URL of an undigest mirror:
# tazpkg remove-undigest my-repository
Lists additional undigest mirrors:
# tazpkg list-undigest
Converts a Debian package (.deb), Redhat (.rpm), Slackware (.tgz) or Archlinux (.pkg.tar.gz) package into a SliTaz package (.tazpkg):
# tazpkg convert alien-package
The set-release command changes the current version and upgrades all of the packages to the latest release:
# tazpkg set-release cooking

info taken from : mylabfr.kaminoweb


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