Jul 24, 2012

7 Xerox WorkCentre admin mode.

You can reset the admin password by going into "Engineer Mode". 
Try one of these methods, and hopefully one will get you into Engineer Mode:

Press on the number you need :
Xerox Workcentre 5632

1. Once turned on hold # and key together.
2. Enter 1934 to go into diagnostic mode.
3. Diagnostic routines > other routines > 001 reset Auditron master pin.
Xerox Workcentre 7665

Press * and # and "red stop" keys (together!) to access diag tools.
Xerox Workcentre 7345

1. Hold 0 for 5 seconds
2. Press Start at the same time - should enter engineer mode
3. Password = 6789
4. Reset admin password (I can't remember the actual menu name)
5. If you need to exit engineer mode:
5.1. Hold 0 for 5 seconds
5.2 Press Start at the same time
Xerox Workcentre 5755,5735,5745,5765,5775

1. Press and hold the # key for 5 seconds, then press the Login key.
2. Enter the PIN code 1934
3. Touch the Enter button on the UI.


  1. I've figured out, how to enter Diagnostic mode (same as Tech Mode, as I understand):

    1. Turn on printer, until you get usual interface (with printing queue, scanning, copy tab, etc.).
    2. Press and hold "0" (zero digit) button fore more than 5 seconds.
    3. Press and release START button (the big green button).
    4. You'll be prompted to enter PIN - 6789.
    5. To EXIT go to the last tab, be sure, that Reset counters is UNCHECKED and hit Exit Only button.

  2. when I turn on the machine workcentre 7328 I finished loading the software and if I touch any light button buttons simultaneously flashing.
    As I can enter diagnostic mode?
    Thank you
    My email is : coinme2015@gmail.com

  3. I can`t help you, because I don`t have access anymore to this workcentre.
    If none of methods work, then you may need to call technician for a repair service.

  4. How to enter service mode, on xerox á»­okcentre5755

  5. Hi.
    Added info , how to access Xerox Workcentre 5755.
    Hope it helps :)

  6. hello my dear friends I have xerox workcenter 5745 I have problem error comes replace xeroxgraphic module, when I asked support center , they says your machine is in diagonastic mode, remove from this mode then it works properly, but problem is that I don't know to how to get out from diagonastic mode any body help me please, I shall be thankfull to him/her

    Name: Arif Halili
    Email: halilicomputers@gmail.com

  7. Hello friends, how to enter service mode on xerox 5325?
    Best Regard,